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Please allow me to introduce to you Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band. A four piece blues rock powerhouse that never fails to win over their audience as they take them on a rollercoaster ride of original music that pays tribute to the blues rock classics that have influenced this band.

In the five years they have been together the band have released 3 albums, included in Classic Rock blues magazine top albums of the year and have enjoyed airplay on BBC Radio 2 Paul Jones Blues Show. With a work ethic second to none the band have clocked up 4 extensive and successful Polish tours, tours in Holland, Germany and Norway and played all the major UK blues festivals.

The band take no prisoners, reeling in the audience and giving off so much energy the crowd have no choice but to bathe in the reflected glory of four musicians letting it rip and giving their heart and soul to the performance. There are no airs or graces or niceties – gutsy rock n roll and with memorable melodies, sweet harmonies and a powerhouse rhythm section – an absolutely refreshing and life affirming experience that only a truly phenomenal performance can bring.

Do yourself a favor – check out the best band you never heard of before the rest of the world catches on and they all want some.

More About us

The Electric Band!

Gerry Jablonski Peter Narojczyk

Frontman Gerry has been a stalwart of the Scottish music scene for 30 or more years and is well respected as a guitar playing phenomenon. In his latest incarnation he has teamed up with Polish blues harp sensation Pete Narojczyk to take the show to a new level mixing blues sensitivities with gutsy rock n roll attitude.

Lewis Fraser Grigor Leslie

Music should be played from the heart and sing to the soul and they have no time for the lifestyle or image conscious distractions that can distract many bands. Authentic and gutsy shows that talk to the audience of the traditional rock no roll ethos of being true to yourself and living for the moment.

Dave Innes - (2009-2014)

Their rise has almost been scuppered with the tragic death of their drummer and friend Dave Innes, founder and driving force behind the band but they have lived up to their fighting as a band attitude and with a pledge to Dave on his death bed and forced on through the tragedy to expand their European theatre of operations. This is a band that does not shirk form the responsibilities of spreading the word and the word is Rock no Roll baby!

Our Albuns

Trouble with The Blues

The New Album - Trouble with The Blues

  1. Trouble With the Blues 03:49
  2. Down To the Ground 06:05
  3. The Curse 04:30
  4. The Well 05:01
  5. Anybody 04:35
  6. Rich or Poor 05:24
  7. Lady & I 04:07
  8. Fork Fed Dog 04:18
  9. Big Bad World 03:25
  10. I Confess 03:22

The Third Album - Twist of Fate

  1. Slave To The Rhythm 02:20
  2. Turn It Up 03:05
  3. Taste Of Paradise 02:45
  4. Liar 04:00
  5. Twist Of Fate 02:15
  6. The Dance 03:00
  7. The Preacher 03:35
  8. Son of Mine 04:20
  9. Dave Says 02:50
  10. Suzie Sunshine 03:35

The Second Album - Life At Captain Tom's

  1. Higher They Climb 03:49
  2. Sherry Dee 06:05
  3. Koss 04:30
  4. Hard To Make A Living 05:01
  5. High On You 04:35
  6. Merchants Of Soul 05:24
  7. Hot 04:07
  8. Slow Down 04:18
  9. Anybody 03:25
  10. Virgil Cane 03:22
  11. When The Fire Is Gone 03:22
  12. Getting Better 04:18
  13. Skinny Blue Eyed Boy 03:25
  14. Prog 03:22

The First Album - Gerry Jablonski and The Electric Band

  1. Breakin The Stones 02:20
  2. Black Rain 03:05
  3. Two Time Lover 02:45
  4. Love 04:00
  5. Cold Outside 02:15
  6. Blues Power 03:00
  7. Crime Of The Century 03:35
  8. Undercover 04:20
  9. Every Dog Has it's Day 02:50


Date City Place
22nd January, 2016 Skegness, UK The Great British Rock & Blues Festival
23rd January, 2016 Kinross, UK Backstage at the Greenb | tickets
19th February, 2016 Aberdeen, UK Downstairs
20th February, 2016 Dundee, UK Number 57
4th March, 2016 Glasgow, UK Cottier Theatre | tickets
5th March, 2016 Galashiels, UK Reivers
20th March, 2016 Aberdeen, UK Aberdeen Jazz Festival
29th April, 2016 Edinburgh, UK The VooDoo Room | tickets
30th April, 2016 Tornhill, UK Thornhill Music Festival
13th May, 2016 Aberdeen, UK Krakatoa
21st May, 2016 Dundee, UK Number 57
27th May, 2016 Bathgate, UK Dreadnought Rock
28th May, 2016 Saltburn by the Sea, UK Saltburn Blues Club
29th May, 2016 Newcastle, UK The Tyne Bar
17th June, 2016 Leeds, UK Duck & Drake
18th June, 2016 Chichester, UK Blues on The Farm Festival
2nd July, 2016 Dundee, UK Number 57
21st July, 2016 Poznań, PL Alligator
22nd July, 2016 Sulecin, PL Feel The Blues Meeting
23rd July, 2016 Węgorzyno, PL Polsko-Niemieckie Lato z Węgorzynem
24th July, 2016 Chorzów, PL Front Porch, Lauba Pełna Bluesa
30th July, 2016 Blair Atholl, UK Live Music Session
26th August, 2016 Aberdeen, UK Under Dog
27th August, 2016 Dundee, UK Number 57
2nd September, 2016 Co Durham, UK Stormin' The Castle - Wittin Castle
3rd September, 2016 South Shields, UK The Ranch House
16th September, 2016 Stromness, UK Orkney Blues Festival
17th September, 2016 Stromness, UK Orkney Blues Festival
18th September, 2016 Stromness, UK Orkney Blues Festival
14th October, 2016 Sedgiefield, UK Sedgiefield Rock & Blues Club
15th October, 2016 Falkirk, UK Falkirk Live Festival | tickets
4th November, 2016 Leves, FR Espace Soutine
10th November, 2016 London, UK Beaverwood Club
11th November, 2016 Tenby, UK Tenby Blues Festival
12th November, 2016 London, UK The Troubadour
13th November, 2016 Harrogate, UK The Blues Bar
18th November, 2016 Glasgow, UK 02 ABC | tickets
19th November, 2016 Halifax, UK The Meeting Room | tickets
2nd December, 2016 Aberdeen, UK Krakatoa
3rd December, 2016 Kinross, UK Backstage at The Green
6th November, 2015Cupar, UKCupar Blues Club
26th September, 2015Dundee, UKNo 57
11th September, 2015Aberdeen, UKThe Malt Mill/Downstairs
5th September, 2015Edinburgh, UKThe VooDoo Rooms
31st August, 2015Colne, UKGreat British Rhythm & Blues Festival
29th August, 2015Bathgate, UKDreadnought
22nd August, 2015Lusowo, PLBluesowo Fstival
21st August, 2015Kostrzyn, PLFire Blues Festival
2nd August, 2015Gloucester, UKGloucester Blues Festival
1st August, 2015Gloucester, UKGloucester Blues Festival
18th July, 2015Dundee, UKNUMBER 57


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